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Words from CEO, Shane L.P. Lipscombe
Good communication skills in English are essential in developing international relationships. Using English with good pronunciation, intonation and stress in real situations is essential to communication in English. Well trained and qualified native English speakers using a communicative approach offer the ideal environment for those seeking to develop these skills. Excellent, highly qualified and motivated teachers and well researched curriculums make Shane English School a leader in English language teaching in China and other countries. We offer our students high quality lessons in a relaxed, friendly and professional environment.

Shane English School Nanjing (SESN)
Shane English School Nanjing (SESN) is one of the major Branch Schools of Shane English School China (SESC), which was established in 2001, and is currently operates both company-owned and franchise schools in almost 20 cities in China..Placing a great emphasis on providing good quality, good value, caring service to its students and using methodologies that have been proven successful in Shane English Schools throughout Asia, Shane English School China (SESC) has soon become one of the major well-established and respected chains of EFL schools in China. Established in 2007, Shane English School Nanjing (SESN) <<<<>>>>is currently one of the reputable EFL schools in Nanjing, and is currently employing over 15 foreign teachers and 50 local teachers and supporting staffs, and teaches over 1,500 students in three major districts in Nanjing.

Shane English Schools Worldwide
Shane English School is a well-established and respected EFL company with schools worldwide including China, England, Japan, and Vietnam. The first school was opened in 1977 in Japan, and there are now over 300 schools world-wide, making it one of the largest British owned EFL school chains.

Customer Service
Pioneer in the teaching of English to younger learners
High quality service offered to all the children, teenagers, young professionals and business people who study in our schools
Schools are very much part of the local neighbourhood, providing a friendly and professional service to many kinds of students
Great emphasis placed on providing good quality, good value, caring service to its students

Shane English School Nanjing
No. 25 Ruijin Road, Baixia District, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, China.
Tel: +86 25 84600821 Ext. 87
web page: http://www.shane-nanjing.com.cn e-mail: shane.nanjing@gmail.com